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It must be very tough dealing with a lockout or any other problem that involves having a faulty lock or misplaced key. We, at Thornhill Locksmith, would like to reach out to you and help fix any problem that you have with a lock and key. We are a 24 Hour Locksmith that can dispatch a reliable locksmith to your location in very little time. Whether you are locked out of your home or vehicle, our Lockout Services are deemed to benefit any Thornhill resident or tourist. Your lockout will be solved in a timely manner. We have quite a few professional locksmith services that do nothing but fix anyone’s “lock and key” situation. Find out why we are the locksmith company to call when our customers have problems with a missing key or a malfunctioning lock.

The Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario’s own Thornhill community comprises of roughly 107,000 residents and continues to rise in population. Thornhill actually consists of two other partial communities, which are named Vaughan and Markham. The actual spelling of each (Thornhill) community is Thornhill-Markham and Thornhill-Vaughan. The community of Thornhill was founded in the year 1794. Education is actually a huge part in Thornhill’s success in expansion, because there are quite a few private schools in the community. The community does not boast a large nightlife, but there are many venues, which allow residents to enjoy a lovely evening.

You may need to have a lock fixed in your office but do not know who to call. Well, we have the office locksmith service, which will make you feel much better about calling a locksmith company to take care of your ordeal. Here are a few tasks that our locksmiths can handle at your office:

  • Office Key Replacement
  • Main Office Door Lock Rekey
  • Install New Locks on Office Doors

It may be horrible finding out that there are faulty locks on the front and back door of your home. If you need an experienced locksmith to fix your locks, our Residential Locksmith will get the job done right the very first time. Check out a few of the tasks that our locksmiths can do for you:

  • Change, Install, or Repair Security Lock
  • Conduct Proper Lock Change on Any Door in Your Home
  • Front or Back Door Lock Repair

Our Auto Locksmith service can prevent you from being unable to get back on the road in due time. Here a few tasks that our company can provide you:

  • Repair Ignition Car Key
  • Help with Vehicle Lockouts
  • Car Lock Fix

We, at Thornhill Locksmith, will make sure to give you our undivided attention on every work order. If you need the best locksmith service in Thornton to help you, give us a call at: (647) 477-3092.