Master Key Lock System

Let our locksmiths make your life really easy by setting up the needed master key lock system in Thornhill, Ontario. We have a long experience in such systems and can set up any design you choose. There are all sorts of solutions today. You can choose a master system for a large or small building. You can select a system with one master key and several change keys or invest in more complex designs. No matter what you choose and want, Thornhill Locksmith can set it up in a professional and affordable manner.Master Key Lock System Thornhill

Master key systems offer great convenience

What a custom apt building master key system can do for you? It will allow you to have a security system that will enable all tenants in the building to have access to their home as they normally do. The convenience comes with the super or manager. Such people often have the need to enter all apartments for maintenance or emergency reasons. They also need to have access to all building areas. With the right master key lock system, they won’t have to carry the keys for each and every door. One master key will allow them to get to all areas.

The convenience is even greater in businesses, where managers must keep some control of which employee has access to which areas. A custom office master key system will play the role of an access control system with the only difference that it would be mechanical. Our company can create one main master key and several secondary ones – for some executive members or cleaning staff.

We can set up any master key lock system design

There are variations between master key systems to meet the requirements of each building and customer. You can select simple or complex systems, which might also be expanded or changed should there are any changes in your building. Let our locksmith in Thornhill guide and help you. We have been setting such systems for a long time and are here to assist you too. Get in touch if you are interested in a Thornhill master key lock system. Call us today for more information.